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Ford Zodiac MK3 - 1963 

  •  Transmission: Automatic
  •  Miles: 49,000
  •  Colour: Goodwood Green

  • PRICE: £19,995

Ford Zodiac MK3 1963  Automatic Finished in Goodwood Green with original champagne Upholstery 

Special order car with front individual reclining front seats.

The original and first owner passed in 1975 and left the car to his daughter who couldn’t bear to part with it.  She had it fully prepared and covered all over with Wax oil and it was put into secure storage where it remained for donkey’s years.  After close to 30 years, for whatever reason, the rent wasn’t paid (health? Own death?) so after approaching 31 years, the storage company took possession of the car.  It was then sold to a Ford dealership who prepared the car and put it on display in their showroom where it stayed for a year or so.  It was then sold on and changed hands a few times to investors/collectors/enthusiasts, only seeing little use, mostly at various car shows.

The last (current) owner of about 5 years (A Top Rolls Royce Workshop Foreman) loved and cherished this car and fully prepared it for long distance touring/journeys.  The engine has been fully and properly re-built, period alternator fitted, a new aluminium radiator custom made, electric fan fitted, headlights upgraded, road wheels blasted and re-enamelled etc.

Although the car has been repainted many years ago, it was only for minor cosmetic reasons.  It has never been welded or repaired.   

Due to the cosseted life this stunning car has had and  having only covered a Genuine 49,000 Miles from new. It is in outstanding condition every aspect and possibly the best ‘original’ mk 3 available.

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