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Vortz Racing Morris Mini Cooper S MK 3 - 1970


  •  Transmission: Manual
  •  Colour: Red
  •     Price: £32,995 SOLD

Vortz Racing Morris Mini Cooper S MK 3 1970 finished in Blaze with Gold Magnesium Wheels. This stunning car was built by Vortz and registered as a Morris Mini Cooper S.  One of only two cars built by Vortz outside of the standard production range.

Nick Vrotsos, a legend in the Mini world, founded VORTZ RACING CARS in 1965 and continued to build and perfect his cottage industry for  over 20 years.

The true Mini enthusiast may well have heard of this innovative engineering genius who never ceased to be obsessed with perfection.  His dedication and eye for detail are so legendary that he is known as the ‘engineering maverick’ as portrayed in the book, ’The Wild Card’ .

What many may not realise is that following a dispute over the ownership of the Cooper brand name in 1990, Vortz was ostracised and seen as climbing on the larger and more well established Rover bandwagon when in fact history shows us that the opposite is true. Rover was in fact the imitator.  Overseas, the die hard enthusiast from way back knew different and the demand for the original Vortz continued to increase abroad.

This Stunning Super Rare Genuine Vortz Cooper S  was eventually sold to the registrar of the Cooper S Club who showed this stunning example at events and the History file contains photos of this car with the legendary John Cooper and Jack Daniels  who was  Issigonis' right hand man.  Later, the car  was sold to the last owner and campaigned in some competitive stage events. The Uprated engine breathes through 1 1/4 inch SUs, and has been fitted with 123 Electronic Ignition. Rally equipped with  Halda Twin Speedmaster, and twin stopwatches, Lucas Fog Lamps plus much more.

Supplied with comprehensive history file containing original handbook,  photos , invoices for upgrades and maintenance and the Wild Card special edition book which contains reference to this special car.

Presented today in Exceptional Condition with perfect panel fit. Very quick car that drives impeccably. 

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